We explored several marketing techniques and we wanted to develop the most cost-effective way to promote a product. We found that  Multi Level Marketing, known also as Network Marketing, is interesting:

  • It is cost effective
  • It is able to make money to the customer
  • It can be done online

To understand the concept of Steady Mill you should know about Multi-Level MarketingInvestopedia defines it as: "A strategy that some direct sales companies use to encourage their existing distributors to recruit new distributors by paying the existing distributors a percentage of their recruits' sales; the recruits are known as a distributor's "downline." All distributors also make money through direct sales of products to customers."

But it has its weak points:

  • It needs a lot of efforts to recruit affiliates
  • It needs high level of knowledge and skills to succeed
  • The market sooner or later becomes saturated and it becomes impossible to recruit new affiliates
  •  Lack of money: the leads fear to spend their money on risky investments.
  • Every new member is placed one under the other. In a Binary Pay Plan, you will find yourself in one of your uplines two legs. the two legs are often called the "Right and left leg" or "Longer and shorter leg" or "Stronger and weaker leg".Usually, compensation plans pay you for the "weak leg", that is the leg with fewer members.
  • Manufacturers opting to promote their products with MLM marketing are constrained to deal with an exponentially growing market, a market with no brakes. That makes it more and more difficult to have a production that satisfies the growing number of customers.

Steady Mill is exactly the solution for these problems. Steady Mill is a platform where products and services are promoted. It involves 3 actors. 

Discover how Steady Mill can make you money as an investor or as a simple customer when you buy awesome products. Explore how Steady Mill can improve your sells greatly.

Try to see the point of view that suits you best.